For this post, I will tech you how to easily restore any deleted or missing app icon in your TECNO Spark 6 Air phone. I do not know whether the same steps can used to other android mobile devices but you can also try.

The reason why I deleted my phone is because I changed it using the X Icon Changer app with another icon of my own. But when I decided to uninstall the app, the icon that I used to change the original one was also gone for good.

I am deciding to try resetting my TECNO phone but, I am hesitant because all the updates and apps will also be deleted (I think). With a little bit of experimenting, I found a simple solution below.

Table of Contents:
👉 Accessing the Desktop setting
👉 Accessing the Icon cache
👉 Selecting/unselecting the app icon to be restored

TECNO Spark 6 Air: How to Restore deleted or missing app icons?

👉STEP 1 - In your TECNO phone homepage, locate a space with no apps or widgets (blank space), and long-press that space.

👉STEP 2 - A hidden menu will appear containing Wallpaper, Widgets, Arrange desktop, and Desktop setting. Press Desktop setting.

👉STEP 3 - Inside Desktop setting, press Icon cache.

👉STEP 4 - In the Icon cache, press the Add/Remove icon.

👉STEP 5 - In the Icon cache Add/Remove page you will see there all your apps icon. Find the one that you wanted to restore and select (check) it. You can select multiple icons if you wanted to. For this tutorial, I decided to restore my Messages app icon. When it is already selected, just press the <-- Icon cache (at the top) to continue.

👉STEP 6 - You will now see there the Messages app icon. Again, press the Add/Remove icon.

👉STEP 7 - This time, unselect the Messages app icon and press the <-- Icon cache again.

👉STEP 8 - Your Icon cache is now empty. Just press Back again to Exit.

👉STEP 9 - Swipe your screen until you are in the end of the screen. You will see there your restored Messages icon app. You can drag it to reposition it anywhere you want inside your TECNO Spark 6 Air phone.

👉STEP 10 - Done!

Hopefully this tutorial helped you my fellow co-TECNO Spark 6 Air phone users. God bless! and take care always. Thank you for reading.