Here are the two (2) ways for you to simply create screenshots or screen captures using your TECNO Spark 6 Air. Without further introduction, let's to this stuff.

Table of Contents:
👉 Buttons to press when performing screenshot (First way)
👉 Finding the screenshot icon to perform a screenshot (Second Way)
👉 The 3rd easy way to make screenshots in TECNO phones
👉 Finding the screenshot images folder

How to screenshot TECNO Spark 6 Air

👉 To easily make a screenshot in your TECNO Spark 6 Air, just long press the Volume Down + Power buttons. A notification saying: 
👉 Screenshot has been saved to /Pictures/Screenshot.
will then appear.

👉 Another easy way to do a screenshot in your TECNO Spark 6 Air is by swiping the top portion of the screen using your three (3) fingers. Swipe from top to bottom direction. See image below. You can also just use your one (1) finger. Swipe from top to bottom. Then a second swipe to view the screenshot menu.

👉 After swiping, a hidden menu from the top of your screen will appear. Find the Screenshot icon. Just press it, and the current screen (behind) will be screenshot. The image will also going to be saved in the folder location /Pictures/Screenshot.

👉 The last and 3rd way to make screenshots in your TECNO Spark 6 Air phone is by swiping the left side of your screen. A hidden menu will also appear. Just press the Screenshot icon and the current screen will also captured.

Where to find the screenshot folder that contains all your screenshot in TECNO Spark 6 Air?

👉 Find the Tools folder.

👉 Inside Tools, find and press File Manger folder.

👉 Inside File Manager, find and press Images folder.

👉 And inside the Images folder, you will see there two folders, namely, Camera and Screenshot

I am a proud TECNO Spark 6 Air user. And I love to share stuffs about my phone. If you have some comments, leave them using the form below. Thanks guys!