Before, Shareit is just a very simple app and you can easily transfer files, photos, mp3, videos from mobile phone to a computer. But now, a lot of blogs said that Shareit is already bloated which I personally think is true. But, still, Shareit is the most ideal app to use when transferring files from my TECNO Spark 6 Air to my computer.

For this post, I will show you my fellow co-TECNO Spark 6 Air users how to transfer photos from our TECNO phone to pc.

Table of Contents:
👉 Downloading and installing Shareit app in TECNO phone
👉 Creating a connection from TECNO Shareit
👉 Connecting computer to Shareit
👉 Selecting and sending files from phone to computer
👉 Finding the received files inside computer

TECNO Spark 6 Air: How to transfer files to laptop/pc using Shareit

👉 Download and install your Shareit app for your TECNO Spark 6 Air phone. Just use Google Play app to download it on your android phone.

👉 Assuming you are all set, open your TECNO phone Shareit. Find Settings (4 small squares), press it.

👉 In the menu that will appear press Connect to PC.

👉 From Scan Mode, switch to Hotspot Mode.

👉 In the Connect to PC page, you will see there 3 important info: Hotspot, Password, and the URL in PC browser. Leave it for now and go to the next step.

👉 In your computer/pc, click the Network (Computer) icon in the taskbar. See image below.

👉 In the list of connections, you will find there the Hotspot name that you find in the Connect to PC in the above step. Click the Hotspot connection and press the Connect button.

👉 Now, type the Password that you also have in the Connect to PC in the above step. Press the Next button to proceed.

👉 Wait for the connection to be established.

👉 Now, open your internet browser (e.g. Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge). In the address bar, type the URL given in the Connect to PC in the above step also and press Enter. When the connection is a success, the page will show you your TECNO phone name. It will also say: "Already connected, start to transfer files now."

👉 Back in your TECNO phone, press the SEND FILES button.

👉 Select what type of file(s) you wanted to send in your computer. Then select the exact file that you want to send. For this tutorial, I used photos. After selecting the file, press the NEXT button to proceed.

👉 A new page will then appear. It contains the Sent item details; how large the file sent is, how long did it take to send the file in your computer, the name of your PC, and what file you just have sent.

👉 Back in your computer, you will see there that the file was already received and downloaded.

👉 If a notification asking to Allow download multiple files appears, just press the Allow button to allow the sent file be received or downloaded inside your computer.
👉 Done!

Where are the received files located?
👉 It is located in the Downloads folder.