Download over 2000 fonts for free. In this post, I will also teach you how to install your font automatically and without the need to install it one-by-one or manually. But first, download the fonts below.

Table of Contents:
👉 Fonts preview
👉 Fonts details
👉 Downloading fonts
👉 Installing fonts using Powershell

Download: 2000+ Free Fonts for Windows with auto-installer

Here are some of the screenshots of Fonts inside the package. I cannot give a complete list of Font names because they are so many but, they are surely all beautiful and cool fonts. Note: There is a possibility that some of the fonts included in the package is already installed in your Windows system. Just ignore it when you already run the auto installer in your computer.

Font Package download details:
👉 File name: Fonts
👉 File size: 375.8 mb
👉 File extension: RAR
👉 Actual font file extension: .TTF / .FON
👉 Download host: Mega
👉 Download link: [ 1 ]

How to Install Fonts Automatically using Powershell?
👉 Open Powershell. To open, go to Search and type Powershell and press Enter.
👉 Find the location of your downloaded Fonts from this post. Make sure it is already extracted. See image below.
👉 Copy the exact location and paste it inside the Powershell. You need to type cd "location" then press Enter. To paste, just right-click your mouse. See image below.
👉 After you press Enter, your Powershell should look like the image below.
👉 Now, you just need to copy and paste the below code inside your Powershell and then press Enter.
$fonts = (New-Object -ComObject Shell.Application).Namespace(0x14)
dir fonts/*.ttf | %{ $fonts.CopyHere($_.fullname) }
👉 And your font will install automatically. It will take sometime to finish because it is a bit plenty but worth it.
👉 Done