Here is the list of all the Spiritual Sphere quests that will guide you to be able to get your skills in the Ophirian RAN Online private server.
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Ran Online Philippines, long, long gone! Ran Online GS (Global server) also gone. I played GYX Ran Private server but players are also becoming lesser and lesser. And now, I tried Ophirian Ran!

See all the quests below.

Spiritual Sphere Level Quest NPC Map
5 47 Physics Teacher Test Physics Teacher PHX, SG, MP Hole
6 57 Nurse Request 2 Nurse PHX, SG, MP Hole
7 67 Eliminate the jackson Physics Teacher SG Hole
8 77 Recycling the map Physics Teacher SG Hole
9 87 Investigate the leonaire campus Special Agent Leonine
9 87 The zopar's request Zopar Leonine
10 97 Cleaning the spores Student Director Leonine
11 107 The stolen book  5 Master Zheng Trading Hole
12 117 Resident's Request Cleaner [TH] Trading Hole
13 127 Finding the scriptural Suspicious Folk Warf Passage
14 147 Collecting the items Warden Prison
15 157 Collect a bead II Weapon shop owner Middle Hole
16 167 Collecting sphere III RH Police Root Hole
17 177 Planned Encounter Potential Master Prison
18 187 Encounter and Farewell Potential Master Prison
19 None None None None
20 None None None None
21 197 Defeat Evil Genius Carl Sheldon Saint Research
22 207 Advanced Skill Test Student Director (Dispatched) Saint Power Plant
Mesil Finding research document Monisha Market

All the ETC SKILLS are found in your designated CLASS NPC "Item Trading". These skills are:

1. Mastery Skill
2. Titan Will
3. Titan Force
4. Titan Fill
5. Titan's Mettle
6. Titan's Arcanum
7. Level 15 Buff Skill

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