This post will teach a very simple technique to make your ESET NOD32 Antivirus or ESET Smart Internet Security not to expire. You do not need to crack it which is definitely illegal. You also do not need any license keys just to activate it. But before following the tutorial below, please make sure you have the following requirements.

Table of Contents:
👉 Requirements for the tutorial
👉 Downloading the ESET Uninstaller
👉 Enabling computer's Safe Mode
👉 Uninstalling the currently installed ESET using the Uninstaller
👉 Downloading the official ESET Antivirus Free 30-day trial file
👉 Installing ESET
👉 Activating ESET
👉 Updating ESET

Requirements to get a no expiration ESET Antivirus
👉 ESET Uninstaller that you can download here
👉 Internet connection
👉 Valid email address

Assuming that you met the given requirements above, then, continue following the steps below.

ESET NOD32 Antivirus No Expiration, No License Key & Crack needed

👉 As you can see in the image below, my ESET NOD32 Antivirus trial version will to expire after 10 days. Usually, a trial version of ESET is valid for a month or 30 days only.

👉 What we need to do now, is just uninstall the current ESET using Safe Mode. Because the Uninstaller that you download earlier will only work when your laptop or computer is in Safe Mode. To do this, just press the Notification icon in your Taskbar.

👉 In the menu that will appear, press All Settings.

👉 Inside Windows Settings, press Update & Security.

👉 In the next page, find and press Recovery.

👉 Under Recovery, press the Restart now button to continue.

👉 Now, in the Choose an option, select Troubleshoot.

👉 Under Troubleshoot, press Advanced options.

👉 In the Advanced options, press Startup Settings.

👉 And under Startup Settings, press the Restart button.

👉 After your computer restarted, under Startup Settings again, press number 4 which is for Enable Safe Mode.

👉 Inside your computer which is already in Safe Mode, find your downloaded file ESETUninstaller.exe and run it.

👉 In the first question, just type the letter y for yes.

👉 In the "Enter selection of the ESET product you wish to uninstall, and then press enter", just type the number 1 and press ENTER to continue.

👉 In the "Are you sure you want to uninstall ESET Internet Security from this OS?" just type y again for yes.

👉 The uninstallation is now in progress.

👉 When done, just press any key to exit the uninstaller. Then, restart your computer.

👉 Now, open your internet browser and search for the word ESET. In the official result which contain the ESET website link, press the Download 30-Day Trial link.
👉 Inside the ESET website, press the Download button for the 30-day trial version of ESET.

👉 Then, press the Download Now button to continue.
👉 Your download will start automatically.
👉 Wait for the download to finish.

👉 When done, open the ESET live installer to run it.

👉 In the Install ESET Security, press the Continue button.

👉 In the next page, just press the I Accept button.

👉 ESET will now be downloaded from the ESET server.

👉 After downloading, in the Log in to myESET account, just press the Skip login button.

👉 In the Choose an activation option, select Free trial.
👉 Wait for the verification to finish.
👉 When done, in the "Please register your license," type your valid email and select your country. Press the Activate button to continue.

👉 Again, wait for the verification to finish.
👉 When  done, press Continue.

👉 In the next page, just select all the option with Enable and press the Continue button to proceed.

👉 And lastly, select the Yes, I want to participate in the program (recommended) option and press the Continue button again.

👉 The installation will now start. Just wait for it to finish.
👉 When done, press the Done button.

👉 And there you have, a newly install ESET NOD32 Antivirus with another 1 month or 30 days extension.

👉 Do not forget to update your ESET to gain maximum protection for your computer.

👉 Done!

This tutorial teaches us that we do not need to have a crack or serial numbers just to activate and make our ESET Antivirus not to expire. All we need is to install, uninstall and install again to extend ESET's validity.