For this post, I will teach you how to activate your Shopee's SPayLater account and receive up to 10,000 pesos worth of credit line. This credit is also like real cash that you can use to purchase anything inside your Shopee account. And you can pay it later every 5th or 15th of the month. SPayLater is simply "Buy now pay later."

☑ You must be a Filipino citizen
☑ You must provide a valid ID
☑ You must be at least 21 years old

Table of Contents:
☑ Opening Shopee account
☑ Accessing SPayLater page
☑ Selecting a valid ID
☑ Typing all needed Personal and Emergency details
☑ Passing Facial verification
☑ Seeing the granted credit line
☑ Selecting the due date to pay the amount of credit line used

How to register/activate Shopee SPayLater, Receive up to 10K credit

👉 Open your Shopee account. Press the Me icon. Then press SPayLater, Buy now pay later.

👉 Inside SPayLater, press the Activate Now button.

👉 A verification code will be sent in your registered mobile phone number in Shopee. Type it in the space provided and then press the NEXT button to proceed.
👉 In the ID selection, select the ID that is available to you and included in the list of Shopee. Then, take a photo of it.

👉 Just press the CHECK button to proceed.

👉 In the Activation page, check if the ID Number, First Name, Middle Name and Last Name of yours are all correct. Press the Confirm button to continue.

👉 A message saying "Please double check your personal information is correct before confirmation." Just press the Confirm button to continue.

👉 For the Personal Information, carefully check if all of it are correct and fill up all the needed information for the Gender, Nationality, Date of Birth, Place of Birth, Employment. Same goes for the Emergency Contact Name, Phone Number, and Relationship. Check both the "By activating SPayLater, I agree to the Terms & Conditions and Fee Structure." and also "By activating SPayLater, I agree to the Privacy Policy." Now, press the Confirm button to proceed.

👉 In the Facial Verification, press the Start Facial Verification button.

👉 Just follow all the action requested by the AI facial recognition app.

👉 If successful, the Verification will be processed. Just wait for some time for it to finish.

👉 After passing the Verification, a maximum credit that can be granted for your SPayLater account will be seen. For my account it is only P1,500 which is very far to P10,000. You will see a message saying: "Congrats! You have successfully activated your SPayLater. You've been granted a [Total credit] credit line. Shop now with the credit limit and pay later in the next month." Just press the OK button to continue.

👉 You will be prompted to select your due date. Just select the due date that you want and then press the Confirm button to continue.

👉 Done! You now have your SPayLater credit that you can use to purchase anything from Shopee. You will also see there your total available credit, the amount to be paid for the current month, the bills, and latest transactions.

👉 If SPayLater issued a message saying: "Sorry, your SPayLater is currently locked due to security issues. Please click here to unlock" appears, just repeat the steps again from start to finish.