For this post I will tech you how to easily hide your private photos, videos, or recordings inside your TECNO Spark 6 Air phone. What ever the case it is, as long as the media is a "private" one, then, there is a necessity that you must hide it to avoid someone to see it when they borrow or use your phone.

Table of Contents:
👉 Opening Phone Master
👉 Opening the Vault
👉 Setting password for the Vault
👉 Selecting the media to hide
👉 Encrypting the media to hide

How to Hide Photos, Videos, Records in TECNO Spark 6 Air phone

👉 On your phone, find and press the Phone Master icon.

👉 Inside Phone Master, press Toolbox.

👉 Inside Toolbox, find and press Vault.

👉 If this is the first time you are using your Vault, you will need to input the password to protect your Vault. It should start with two ##.

👉 When you are inside your Vault, you have 3 options there. You can hide your pictures/photos, videos, or records. For this tutorial, I will hide a sample video. So I will be tapping Videos.

👉 Just press the + sign to start adding the video that you wanted to hide.

👉 Now, select the video that you wanted to hide inside your Vault. And then, press the Confirm button.

👉 Your selected video will then be encrypted. Wait for the encryption to finish.

👉 When done, the video will appear right there inside your Vault.

👉 Done! You have successfully hide your video from private access. You alone can access or play that particular video of yours because of the password that you just put to protect it. Do not forget your password to avoid hassle accessing your video.

How to bring back the media to its original folder or allow it to be publicly accessed by any user of your phone?

👉 Just select the video > then press Export. Wait for the decryption to finish. When done, if it is video, it will automatically go to the Movies or Videos folder.