For this post, I will teach you how to see your hidden WiFi password using your android phone. Please be noted that this is not hacking. The situation is, you are already connected to a WiFi connection, but you only scanned a QR code that's why you are able to connect. What we are doing here is to really know what the password is and not just a QR code.

Table of Contents:
👉 Making a screenshot of the QR code of the Wi-Fi connection.
👉 Downloading the QR code scanner in Google Play.
👉 Scanning the image to produce the hidden Wi-Fi password.

How to see WiFi Password using Phone

👉 In your phone, find and press Settings.

👉 Inside Settings, press Wi-Fi.

👉 Inside Wi-Fi, press the QR icon of the connection that you are currently connected.

👉 Now, make a screenshot of the Share QR code page. To do so, just simultaneously press the Volume Down + Power buttons.

👉 Open Google Play app.

👉 In search field, type qr code scanner. Find QR & Barcode Scanner app and press Install.

👉 After installation, press the Open button.

👉 In the Allow QR & Barcode Scanner to take pictures and record video? just press ALLOW.

👉 In the next step, find and press the 3 horizontal lines found in the upper left corner of your screen.

👉 In the menu that will appear, press Scan Image. Find your image or the screenshot that you created in step above.

👉 And after finding and selecting the screenshot of the QR code, it will automatically print your current Wi-Fi Network name, type and password.
👉 Done!