When you really need money, you will try new things for your blog or website. So, I just re-implemented the Infolinks ad codes on Listph.com as well as the ads.txt. The code worked well, but Infolinks lines for ads.txt contains errors. When I pasted the lines on my Blogger Settings, it returned an error message saying:
The ads.txt content does not comply with the format rules. See https://iabtechlab.com/ads-txt/
I already have old lines inside my ads.txt for my Google Adsense and other advertisers. I observed that the words reseller and direct were all in UPPERCASE or capital letters. But the lines given by Infolinks with the words reseller and direct were all in lowercase.

Table of Contents:
☑ Opening Infolinks account
☑ Copying the lines for ads.txt inside Infolinks
☑ Pasting the lines in a Notepad to edit
☑ Changing lowercase words reseller and direct to uppercase
☑ Copying the lines again
☑ Opening Blogger Settings for Monetization
☑ Pasting the lines
☑ Saving the lines
☑ Checking and testing the lines

FIX: Infolinks Ads.txt content does not comply with the format rules

👉 First that you need to do is open your Infolinks account and copy the latest and updated version of the ads.txt that they provided.

👉 After copying, open a Notepad and paste the lines you copied from Infolinks. Change all lowercase direct and reseller words to uppercase DIRECT and RESELLER.

👉 When you changed all of the words, select and copy all the lines.

👉 If you are using Blogger (like me), go to Settings. Find Monetization. Just press the Custom ads.txt to edit your ads.txt.
👉 Now, paste the lines that you edited and copied from Notepad.

👉 Save your ads.txt. Done!

👉 You can check your ads.txt file by going to. https://www.yourwebsitename.com/ads.txt. See listph.com ads.txt page here.