Before, I am loading myself using my GCash account. GCash Buy Load have rebates before, but now, they removed it. So, I decided to find ways to buy load which is more cheaper. And I found out ShopeePay. Using Shopee's ShopeePay, you can buy load which is more cheaper. As you can see on the list below, the Globe AutoloadMAX has the following:

👉 P5.00 load is only worth P2 (60% off)
👉 P10.00 load is only worth P9 (10% off)
👉 P20.00 load is only worth P16 (20% off)
👉 P50.00 load is only worth P45 (10% off)
👉 P100.00 load is only worth P90 (10% off)
👉 P350.00 load is only worth P315 (10% off)
👉 P900.00 load is only worth P810 (10% off)

Now, for this post, I will show you how to order P5 load for only P2 using your Shopee app and paying it using ShopeePay. You can actually buy load in much cheaper price. Shopee offers high discounts for its ShopeePay users.

Table of Contents:
👉 Requirements to buy load
👉 Opening Shopee app
👉 Accessing Load & Bills
👉 Accessing Mobile Load
👉 Selecting your network
👉 Selecting the load to order
👉 Paying using ShopeePay

Before anything else, make sure you met the following requirements to be able to buy 5 pesos Globe Load which is only worth P2.00 using your Shopee app.
☑ This promo is exclusively for ShopeePay users only. Meaning, your ShopeePay, should have funds. These funds or money will be the one that you will use to purchase the Globe Load. If you do not funds yet, then, you can put funds or top-up your ShopeePay using GCash. Do first this tutorial: How to Top-up ShopeePay using GCash Wallet?

Assuming that you already have funds or top-up your ShopeePay, proceed to the tutorial below.

Buy P5.00 Globe Load for only P2.00 using ShopeePay

👉 Open your Shopee app. Find and press the Load & Bills icon.

👉 Inside Load, Bills & eServices, under Top Up, press Mobile Load.

👉 Under Select Operator, select GLOBE.

👉 Input your Globe number. Then, under Flash Deals, select 5 Pay: P2.00 60% OFF. And then, press the Checkout button to continue.

👉 Under Checkout, in the Payment Option, make sure to select ShopeePay. Just press the Pay Now button to pay your Globe load.

👉 ShopeePay will prompt you to enter your 6-digit PIN.

👉 When all when right. a Payment Successful will be seen. It contains the message saying: Your order will be processed shortly. It also has the Phone number that will receive the P5 load. The Top Up Amount which is Globe Autoload max 5. The price which is only P2. The total payment, payment method which is ShopeePay, and the View Order Details.

Inside Order Details, you will see there the message saying: To Receive, Your order is being processed and will be fulfilled shortly. The Globe Autoload max 5, phone number (load receiver), price, order ID, created time (when you purchased the load), payment info, total payment, and the payment method used.

👉 For this tutorial, I loaded my Globe Tattoo WiFi stick. And as you can see on the message below from AutoLoadMAX, I just received the P5.00 prepaid credits or load.

👉 Done!

Important notes:
☑ You have to wait for about 10 minutes to be able to buy another P5 load worth P2 only.
☑ When you reached the maximum order per account on buying P5 load worth P2 only using your ShopeePay, your next order will cost the same as the load you are ordering. Your P5 load will also worth P5, not P2 anymore.