If you are using the new Dito Sim card and want to load it with just regular load, then, you don't have to go to outside. With the use of your Shopee app, you can load your Dito sim card with any load amount that you want.

But before anything else, make sure you met the following simple requirements before doing the tutorial below.

✅ Shopee app
✅ ShopeePay with funds or money. If your ShopeePay don't have funds yet, then, you can add funds using your very own GCash wallet. Follow the tutorial here: How to Top-up ShopeePay using GCash Wallet? Just top-up the amount that you needed.

Assuming that you already met  the listed requirements above, then, follow the tutorial below.

Table of Contents:
✅ Requirements
✅ Making sure ShopeePay has funds
✅ Opening the Shopee app
✅ Accessing the Load & Bills
✅ Accessing the Mobile Load
✅ Selecting the operator and typing the phone number that will receive the DITO load
✅ Entering Shopee PIN
✅ Paying the purchase
✅ Load received

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How to Load Dito Sim Card using Shopee

👉 Open your Shopee app. Find and press the Load & Bills icon.

👉 Inside Load, Bills & eServices, under Top Up, press Mobile Load.

👉 In the Select Operator, press DITO.

👉 Inside Mobile Load, type your Dito sim card number. Under Mobile Top Up, select the amount of load that you wanted to buy. Choices are P5, P20, P50, P100, P200, P300, P500 and P1000. For this tutorial I will choose P5 worth of load. Press the Checkout button to proceed.

👉 In the Checkout, make sure ShopeePay is the selected Payment Option. Just ignore the Some payment channel(s) are not supported for this product. Press the Pay Now button to continue.

👉 Now, ShopeePay will ask for your PIN (6-digit), just enter it correctly.
👉 Done! In the Payment Successful you will see a message saying Your order will be processed shortly. You will also see there all the other information such as the phone number, top up amount, price of the purchase, total payment and the payment method used.

👉 If you press the View Order Details, you will also see there more information regarding your purchased DITO load.

👉 Just wait for the load to be received by your phone.

See list of DITO Mobile Number Prefixes below:

☑ 0991
☑ 0992
☑ 0993
☑ 0994
☑ 0895
☑ 0896
☑ 0897
☑ 0898