If you are playing Ophirian Ran for the first time, then, you should know that you do not need to take all the quest just to get all the Spiritual Spheres and convert it to Scrolls to get and activate your skills. All of the scrolls are can be bought in the designated NPC's inside the game.

Only the Mesil Sphere and Spiritual Sphere Rank or Level 21 need the quest to done to be able to have it.

Let me elaborate.

Ophirian Ran Spiritual Sphere Quest Guide, where to buy no need to quest all

IMPORTANT NOTE: Level up first to level 230 (cap level) before doing this tutorial.

👉 For the ETC skills like Mastery, Titan Will, Titan Force, Titan Fill, Titan's Mettle, Titan's Arcanum, etc. you can buy those skills in your designated class NPC. Just click your Instructor > Item Trading > ETC. You will find your Instructor inside your school 1F_Campus.

👉 Here is the map (just press M to show map) of your school 1F Campus. I am inside the SG_Campus1F. You will see there the Archery, Assassin, Sword, Combat, and QiGong (Shaman) sections.

👉 But if you wanted to have all the Spiritual Spheres from 1 up to 16 skills, then, you just need to go to the Grocery Merchant in the Welfare Society section still inside your school 1F Campus. Just click the NPC > Buy Spiritual Sphere > then you will see there all the list of Spiritual Spheres from Level 1 up to Level 17. Note, you need gold to be able to buy the spheres.

👉 See the list of Spheres available inside the Grocery Merchant.

👉 See the map to see where the Welfare Society is located.

👉 The only skills that missing now are the Mesil Sphere, Level 17, 18, 21, and 22.

👉 For the Level 17 and 18, you just need to go to Prison and find the Potential Master, and you will automatically get the 2 spheres. But make sure are already Level 230 before going to the Potential Master.

👉 For the Level 21 Sphere, you need to take a quest to obtain the sphere. Go to Saint Research. Find Carl Sheldon. Find and click the quest with the title "Defeat Evil Genius". After that go to the Logistics to confirm the quest. Kill the number of Evil Genius needed and after that go back again to the Logistics to confirm the quest and get your sphere.

👉 For the Mesil Sphere and Level 22 you just need to Titan Fill and Titan's Mettle to have it. Just buy the Titan Fill and Titan's Mettle and activate it.

👉 Now, here is the trick to get your Mesil and Level 22 Sphere. You need an Obli E. You just need to reset your stats and spheres. To have an Obli E, take a Quest. Go outside 1F Campus and find the Skill Enhancement Aid NPC. Click the NPC and find and click the Start Oblivion E quest. Just do the quest, if I am not mistaken, you just need to kill or clean some garbage inside the Dormitory to be able to complete this quest.

👉 Assuming you already have your Obli E, right-click on it to reset your skills and stats. But before doing so, again make sure you already activated the Titan Fill and Titan's Mettle skills. Why? Because if you do not activated the 2 skills, then, using the Obli E will be useless because it will not give you the Spiritual Spheres of 16 and 22. Now go back inside the 1F Campus and find your Instructor again. Exchange the Spiritual Sphere Level 22 for your Level 22 skill. For the Spiritual Sphere 16, you need to go the the Market and find Monisha to exchange it to Mesil scroll/Secure Atmosphere.

👉 Note: If Mesil trick is not working, then, you just need to go to Monisha inside the Market. Click Monisha and find and click the quest with the title "Finding research document". You just need to kill Spice Girl inside Root Hole to find the document. After finishing the quest go back to Monisha to confirm it. Monisha will give you the Mesil Sphere. Click Monisha again and exchange the Sphere to scroll.

👉 To find Monisha inside the Market (press M for map). See image below.

👉 Now, if you are too lazy, and do not want to do any quest at all. Use your free MEGAPHONE and shout for BUYING Scroll level 21 or 22. But make sure you have enough gold, Scrolls for 21 and 22 skills costs 1 million to 5 million gold in Ophirian Ran online private server.

Additional Tip and Trick for Shaman Farm Type or Pow-Int type:

👉 Just perform the tutorial above. When you already done it, create another Shaman account and do the tutorial again up to Obli E trick. You will then have 2 Spiritual Spheres Level 21 and 2 Spiritual Spheres Level 22. Just make sure, your Shaman (FS) is created using another account and not with the same account with your first one, otherwise, the you won't get another Obli E quest from the Skill Enhancement Aid. But if your account is already old, just press B (for bank) and some times you will find there free Oblie E coming from the admin or GM.