If you wanted to have your computer or laptop a good antivirus, ESET NOD or Internet Security is one of the best in the industry. It can be purchased, or used for free using a TRIAL account. Some individuals share a cracked version of it but it will not last long and is absolutely not legal.

For this post, I will simply show you how to get unlimited days for your ESET NOD 32 Trial version. The trial version of ESET is only good for 30 to 31 days or a month. But, I just renew and renew it every time it is going to expire already. No need for a cracked license, serial keys or whatsoever.

Table of Contents:
✅ Requirements
✅ Registering for new myESET account
✅ Activating the myESET account
✅ Connecting the myESET account to ESET Internet Security
✅ Activating the linking
✅ ESET antivirus extension successful

Before anything else, make sure you met the following requirement first before doing the tutorial below.

Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Hotmail/Outlook, or Proton Mail account (any valid email address may do)

That's the only requirement here, a valid or working email address. IF you have it, then, continue doing the simple and easy tutorial below. If you do not have, then, register for an account first, I already provided the link above, and you can choose any free email service that you want.

How to renew or get unlimited extension ESET 30-day Trial? NO Purchase/Crack needed

👉 As you can see, my ESET Internet Security antivirus will expire after 11 days.

👉 Just click the myESET menu, then press Create myESET account link.

👉 Inside Create an account, enter your valid email address. For this tutorial, I am using GMail. Enter also a password, confirm it, and select your country. Press the Create account button to proceed.

👉 A message saying Thank you for creating myESET account! A verification link was sent to [your own email address]. Follow the instructions from the email. will be seen.

👉 Open your email. Find and press the email with the myESET as sender, and Account verification - myESET as the subject.

👉 Inside the email, click the link to verify your account.

👉 After clicking the link, you will see a Verification successful message.

👉 Back to your ESET dashboard, click the Help and support link.

👉 Inside Help and support, click Change license.

👉 In the Choose an activation option, click Use myESET account.

👉 In the Log in to myESET account, just enter the email address and password you registered in the steps above. Click the Log in button to continue.

👉 In the Set a device name, click the Continue button to proceed.

👉 In the next page, select and click the Try this product for free. Click the Try for FREE button to continue.

👉 In the Please register your license, just enter again your email address, confirm it, and then your country. Click the Activate button to continue.

👉 In the Review your activation details, click the Activate button again.

👉 And you have successfully activated your newly registered myESET account. A message saying:
Activation was successful. Thank you for choosing ESET. ESET Internet Security now receives regular updates to identify and clean the latest malware.
Click the Done button to continue.

👉 You will now see that your ESET Trial version expiration was extended for another 30 to 31 days or a month.

👉 In the Home panel of your dashboard, you will also see there the message:
You are protected
Your free trial expires in 31 days.

👉 Done!

Thank you for having a time reading this post. Do not hesitate to leave your comments below. Cheers!