For this post, I will teach you how to easily buy regular load for your DITO sim card using your PayMaya app.

What you will get for loading DITO Regular load?
☑ Load which is valid for 1 year

DITO Regular Load is worth?
☑ Regular Load P15
☑ Regular Load P20
☑ Regular Load P30
☑ Regular Load P50
☑ Regular Load P100
☑ Regular Load P200
☑ Regular Load P300
☑ Regular Load P500
☑ Regular Load P1000

Table of Contents:
☑ Open PayMaya account
☑ Press Load
☑ Press DITO Telecommunity
☑ Press the regular load you want to buy
☑ Enter number of the load recipient
☑ Slide to pay

How to Buy DITO Regular load using PayMaya

👉 Open/login your PayMaya account. In your dashboard, find and press the Load icon.

👉 Inside Shop, press the DITO Telecommunity icon or logo.

👉 Inside DITO, you will find there many options. You can buy different DITO Regular loads like 100, 1000, 15, 20, 200, and more. For this tutorial, I will buy DITO Regular Load 15 which is valid for 1 year.

👉 Inside Buy, enter the recipient's mobile number and press the Next button to proceed.

👉 You will then see the Confirm Purchase. It contains the summary of your order like the name of your order, amount, recipient mobile number, source, and message. Just slide the arrow button to the right to confirm your purchase.

👉 Done!