Counter-Strike 2D is a 2D version of popular Counter-Strike game. Cs2d provides single player mode (offline mode) to play against bots, and multiplayer mode to play via LAN or internet.
As 2d game, you only see from top to down, letting you see larger area around the soldier you are playing including inside a building around you.

The file size is small, but it has more features such as chat, map editor, more scenarios, new maps, and weapons.

Download the game below using the given links. Installation of the game is very easy that is why there is no tutorial provided but only screenshots of the actual Counter Strike 2D game play.

Download: Counter Strike 2D Free Game by Unreal Software

Here are some of the sample screenshots taken from the actual game play of Counter Strike 2D.

👉 The game menu with Console, Quick Play, New Game, Find Servers, Options, Friends, Mods, Editor, Help, and Quit links.

👉 Create Server under Server tab. It has the Server name, password, port, max players, etc.

👉 Create Server under Bots tab. You can set many bots you will have an ally and enemy here.

👉 Create Server under Map tab. You can choose any maps to play. It also has the de_aztec, de_dust, de_dust and other similar maps like the original Counter Strike version.

👉 Inside the game, you can choose your team. Like the original CS, it is either Terrorists or Counter-Terrorists.

👉 In-game menu.

👉 The Buy menu wherein you can buy weapons/guns, ammo, and armor.

👉 Actual game of hunting an enemy.

👉 Actual game of me getting killed by 2 Counter-Terrorist.

👉 Done!

Counter-Strike 2D Download details:
Publisher: Unreal Software
OS: Windows
Category: Action Games
File name: cs2d_1007_setup.exe
File extension: EXE
Size: 19.36 MB
Download host: Mediafire
Download link: [ 1 ]