Other than Google Drive, you can also use Box.com to embed your PDF file(s) inside your Blogger or Blogspot post or page. Registering for a Box account is also free and it has a nice and neat PDF Viewer.

For this post, I will show you how to create a Box account, upload your PDF file, and embed it inside your Blogspot post. See the steps below.

Table of Contents:
✅ Login/Create Box.com account.
✅ Upload PDF file to the Box server
✅ Getting the embed code for the PDF file
✅ Pasting the code inside Blogspot post
✅ Editing the embed code with and height values
✅ Saving the post
✅ Viewing the pdf file inside the Blogger post

How to embed PDF file in Blogger Blogspot

👉 Go to https://account.box.com and press the Log in button.

👉 If you already have a Box account just type your Gmail and press Next to login. If you do not have one, then, press the Sign in with Google to register for a free account first.

👉 Inside your Box account, press the New+ button. In the dropdown menu that will appear, press File Upload.
👉 Browse your pdf file and then press the Open button to continue.

👉 Your pdf file will then be uploaded to your Box account. Wait for it to finish.
👉 Once uploaded, right-click your pdf file, then press More Actions > Embed Widget.

👉 In the Embed Widget for.... press the Copy button.
👉 Open your Blogger and create a New Post. From Compose view, switch to HTML view.

👉 Now, paste your embed code copied from Box.

👉 Change the width value to 100% so that the pdf file width size will adjust when viewed either in pc or mobile devices. For the height, it is up to you. For this tutorial, I changed it to 800.

👉 Publish your post.

👉 View your post and you will see there your embedded pdf file. At first, it is just a white page, just wait for it to load completely. You can see a live sample of this tutorial here: Embedded PDF File in a Blogger Post.

👉 Done!