Yes! You can still apply to have a National ID here in the Philippines even though you do not have a valid ID. There are certain reasons why PhilSys won't allow you to have one due to:

✅ invalid, expired ID
✅ if your a woman and you are already married but still do not have a valid ID that contains the surname of your husband, then, you cannot apply for one unless you have a PSA Marriage Certificate.

How to apply for National ID without a valid ID

👉 To be able to apply for a National ID, all you need to do is have a Barangay Clearance. That's it!

👉 You can ask for a Barangay Clearance in your designated barangay. The paper should have your Complete name, your current address in your barangay, your birthdate, signature, 1x1 ID photo, and the barangay seal as well as your thumbmark.

👉 When you go to your Barangay Hall, just tell them you need a Barangay Clearance to be used in applying or getting a National ID. The official there already knew what to do.

👉 When you already have your Barangay Clearance, go to the nearest PhilSys and apply for your National ID.

👉 Done!