Note: Your ZLT S10G 2.10.1 must be openline or unlocked to be able to do this tutorial. If your modem is not yet openline, then, don't do this tutorial. It won't worked on your device.

To be able to set or enable Cell Locking on your WI-FI, you need the following:
✅ SIM card with data or internet
✅ Phone
✅ ZLT S10G 2.10.1 which is openline and can access Cell Locking
✅ NetMonitor Cell Signal Logging, download and install here.

Follow the steps below to start enabling your device's Cell Locking.

How to Enable Cell Locking ZLT S10G 2.10.1

👉 Takeout your ZLT S10G sim card located at the back of your device.

👉 Insert the SIM card in your mobile phone. If your SIM card has dual sim card capability, remove the other sim card. Just insert the one that you are using inside your WI-FI.

👉 Inside, your phone enable DATA connection first, and then open Net Monitor Lite.

👉 Inside Net Monitor, press Set Permissions Manually.

👉 Press Permissions.

👉 Inside App permission of Net Monitor Lite, you will see that all permissions for Location, Phone and Storage were denied. You need to set permissions of all of those 3 to ALLOW. Press first Location.

👉 Then, press Allow all the time. Then press the Back button.

👉 Same thing goes for Phone. Set it to Allow, and then press the Back button.

👉 Lastly, also Allow for Storage. Press Back button again.

👉 You will see that the 3 are all allowed now. Press Back again.

👉 And Back again.

👉 You are all set now.

👉 Just press OK in the What is new.

👉 Another OK for the Important message.

👉 And another OK for the Warning regarding Location.

👉 Just swipe down from top to bottom to show your hidden menu. Find location and enable it by tapping it.

👉 Based on my location, the available Frequencies are 10713 and 4362 with Cell ID of 314 and 305 respectively.

👉 Now, go to your device gateway and login as user. Press Device Settings.

👉 Then press Advance Settings.

👉 Then press Cell Locking.

👉 Inside Cell Locking, select Enabled. In the Input Frequency, type any of the frequency that you have seen in the steps above. For example I have 10713 as frequency and its Input Cell ID is 314. Then press Apply.

👉 Just press the Yes button to continue. Your device will restart and done.

👉 To see if there is an improvement in your internet speed, just check it using Then you can another Frequency and Cell ID on the list, apply it and then re-test again using 

👉 Done!