During the Christmas Season, you might want to give your Blogspot a little twinkling Christmas Lights. Adding this design to your blog will also give joy to your readers and visitors around the globe. These lights also signifies that you as the blog admin or owner greets them with a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year or simply, Happy Holidays!

For this tutorial, I will show you how to add cool Christmas Lights on your Blogspot. You can choose to have your blog Christmas lights from all sides, top-only, bottom-only, or left-right sides only. See steps below to implement the codes on your own.

But before anything else, you can see the LIVE DEMO of these beautiful Christmas Lights below.

Christmas Lights CSS/JavaScript Code for Blogspot

👉 On your Blogger go to Layout.

👉 Click any Add a Gadget that you will see inside Layout.

👉 Then, select HTML/JavaScript.

👉 Inside Configure HTML/JavaScript, paste the given codes below and press Save.

👉 Done!

Download Christmas Lights CSS and JavaScript codes here:
💙 Christmas Lights Top-Only: [ Text file download ]
💚 Christmas Lights Bottom-Only:  [ Text file download ]
💛 Christmas Lights Left-Right sides only:  [ Text file download ]
💜 Christmas Lights All-sides:  [ Text file download ]

Live Demo:
💙 Christmas Lights Top-Only: [ See demo here ]
💚 Christmas Lights Bottom-Only:  [ See demo here ]
💛 Christmas Lights Left-Right sides only:  [ See demo here ]
💜 Christmas Lights All-sides:  [ See demo here ]