You can easily see your Metrobank Transaction History using your mobile phone, or using a pc or laptop. Doing so, will enable you to check all the transactions you have made for the past days including, deposits, withdrawals, etc.. For this tutorial I will show you how to see your transaction history from both mobile phone and laptop/pc. See the simple tutorial below.

How to see Metrobank Online Transaction History

Using web browser via (both pc/laptop or mobile phone)

👉 Open your Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, etc. In the address bar type and press ENTER.

👉 Login your username and password. Press the Login button to continue.

👉 Inside your account, find and press Dashboard.

👉 In the Accounts Overview > PESO, press Total Deposits [ PHP xxxx.xx ] to continue.
👉 Under Deposits, press your Debit Card number.
👉 Inside Debit, press Transaction History.

👉 And you will see there your Transaction History. If there is available it will automatically appear there. If there is none, it will say: No transaction history found.

Using mobile phone via Metrobank Online app.

👉 Open Metrobank Mobile Banking app. Login your username and password. Press Login button to proceed.

👉 Inside your account, press Current & Savings.

👉 In the menu that will appear, press History.

👉 And your Transaction History will appear. If there is none, it will say: No Records Found.

👉 Done!