CIMB Bank Philippines is one of the newest banks here in our country. And you can even do so many transactions online using their app. The good thing about this bank, is that, it can be connected to your GCash GSave account. Meaning, if you will receive remittance or money abroad, you can actually receive the money directly inside your GSave account which is also inside your GCash account (correct me if I am wrong).

I have done all the steps to be able to get a CIMB Bank online account and connected my GSave to it. I am planning to make it my primary Payment Method to receive money via Wire Transfer from Google Adsense. Sadly, after emailing the bank, as well as doing a little research, I have found out that I cannot use CIMB Bank to receive my payments from Google Adsense. I thought, as long as the bank has available SWIFT or BANK CODES, they can be used to receive money from abroad, but I was wrong.

See the official messages, reply from CIMB Bank Customer Support and official Facebook page regarding my problem.

CIMB Bank PH - Can't be used for Google Adsense Wire Transfer Payment

👉 As you can on the image below, I emailed CIMB Bank regarding making a Wire Transfer from Google Adsense. And they said:

Dear Valued Customer,

Thank you for reaching out to our Customer Care Team.
We would like to assist you regarding your concern. Please be informed that CIMB Bank PH is limited to local transaction only.
We hope this clarifies. Please don't hesitate to reach out to us should you have further questions. We'd be happy to assist you.
This means that I cannot really use this bank for the moment.

👉 I also done some research on their official Facebook page, and found out a customer asking:
How can I get my first salary from youtube that is sent to by google adsense? The receipt of payment is sent to me by email, but it hasn't reflected from March 6 until now thru CIMB? How is that?
👉 This is really a big problem because, this customer claimed that the payment was already sent but the amount is not seen on her CIMB Bank account.

👉 CIMB Bank clarified and answered the customer:
Hi Jenn! Please be advised that CIMB does not have international remittance capabilities yet. At the moment, we are unable to receive funds from international wire transfers using swift codes/bank codes. Please reach out to Google Adsense support team so you can change your choice of disbursement for your Google Adsense payments. However, we can receive funds from abroad using World Remit. See more details here: We hope this clarifies your concern. Thank you for your patronage.
👉 So, if yo do not want this hassle on receiving your Google Adsense payment, do not use CIMB Bank for now, because the bank do not have the capabilities yet to receive Wire Transfer from abroad via swift/bank codes. The only way that they can receive remittance is via World Remit. But World Remit it not available in Google Adsense list of payment methods as of now also.

Lesson Learned:
👉 Do a research first before going all out into something. We already knew that repentance always comes late.