Like the Globe at Home default username and password, you also need to change your device's default Wi-Fi password and username (SSID). Doing so will make your shared internet connection within your area only accessible by you and those who knows your password. But, if your Wi-Fi password is still the default Globe at Home, then, someone might be able to connect in your Wi-Fi, if they are able to look at your device bottom or back wherein your default Wi-Fi password is located. So, you better change it for a more secured one.

To be able to change the Wi-Fi password and username of your Globe at Home Prepaid Wi-Fi device, make sure you met the simple listed requirement below.

☑ Make sure you are connected to your Globe at Home device homepage It doesn't matter whether you are using a mobile phone or a pc or laptop. The given link above will work for your.

How to change Globe at Home WI-FI Password

👉 Assuming that you are already inside the page, do first this tutorial to login inside your admin account: How to access/login Globe at Home Admin

👉 Now, when you are inside your admin page, find and press the Device Settings.


👉 Inside Wi-Fi Settings, press the SSID Settings button.

👉 In the SSID Settings, make sure you are inside the Main SSID tab.
☑ Network Name (SSID): change this value to change your current/default Wi-Fi SSID which is GlobeAtHOME_3427blahblah.
☑ Pass Phrase: change this value to change your current/default Wi-Fi password.
☑ When done, just press the Apply button.

👉 A message saying: "All connected Wi-Fi devices will need to reconnect. Do you want to continue?" will appear, just press Yes to confirm.

👉 Your admin page will suddenly become like the screenshot below. No internet blah blah blah. Do not worry this is just normal.
👉 All you need to do now is reconnect your pc or laptop, mobile phone by going to Wi-Fi. Once you saw the new SSID of your Wi-Fi, press that Wi-Fi and type the new password that you just created.

👉 Done!

Important note: Do not forget your new password and Wi-Fi SSID to avoid re-setting your Globe at Home device and repeat such steps in the future.