How to fix MGID ads.txt file error:
Update the ads.txt file on your sites in order to keep them active and continue monetizing.
I am earning good money in MGID as of a moment. It is the publisher program that I substituted to Infolinks. Checking my dashboard everyday is also a routine for me. And sometimes, the error above just keeps on popping-up in random dates. For this post, I will show you how to solve this MGID alert or message regarding your ads.txt file.

You do not need to worry about earning loss here because sometimes, this dashboard error message is just a bug.

MGID: Update the ads.txt file on your sites in order to keep them active and continue monetizing.

👉 First, you really need to check whether your ads.txt file for MGID is really there or correct. Login your publisher account and press ADS.TXT button.
👉 A message saying: Dear Partner, due to the requirements of Coalition for Better Ads, please update your ads.txt file with these lines. If you have any questions, contact your personal account manager. will appear. You will also see there the lines that are GREEN. These lines are already implemented inside your ADS.TXT. What you need to see are line(s) which are not colored green.

If there is/are line(s) which are not colored green, then, you need to copy and paste that given line to your ads.txt file. If all are green, then the error message above is just a bug.

👉 Assuming that all lines are already implemented and the update the ads.txt is still appearing, then, you just need to CLEAR your browser cache. For Google Chrome users, just go to Menu (3 dots) > More tools > Clear browsing data > Advance > and check the following (see image below). Then, press the Clear data button.

👉 After clearing your cache, re-login your MGID account and see if the ads.txt error is gone.

👉 If the error is still there, you can contact your MGID Support directly. Inside your dashboard, press Contact Us link.
👉 Now, press the Contact Us button to continue.

👉 In the name, just type your website address, for email, type your website contact email, for the question, type your concern regarding your ads.txt file. Press the Submit button to send your concern to MGID.

👉 All you need to do now, is wait for their answer via email. They answer fast, so, you do not need to wait that long for the solution.

👉 Done!