Ads.txt file is a must when you are a publisher in Google Adsense, Infolinks, MGID, Innity Philippines, Ambient Philippines,, etc.. According to Adpushup article:
The ads.txt file contains a list of all the companies authorized to sell a publisher’s inventory. Programmatic platforms keep another copy of ads.txt that lists the publishers they are allowed to represent in ad sales. This way, buyers have a standardized way of authenticating the inventory that they are bidding on.
Well, for me, without ads.txt file you will not earn from your ads (correct me if I wrong).

For this post, we will be adding and uploading ads.txt lines and files for Blogger or Blogspot, WordPress, and Joomla. See the steps below.

How to add/upload Ads.txt in Blogger, WordPress & Joomla

Add Ads.txt lines in Blogspot

👉 Yes! When you are using Blogger, you do not need to upload an ads.txt file because there is no Cpanel available when you are using Blogger. But, Blogger, just added a very simple way to do it on your Blogger Settings.

👉 Go to your Blogger Settings.
👉 Find Monetization. You will see a button there.

👉 Enable the button to enable custom ads.txt. Press Custom ads.txt to continue.

👉 Inside the given field, paste there the lines coming from the publisher program that you are currently registered like Google Adsense. Infolinks, MGID, etc.. Press the Save button to save your custom ads.txt.

👉 To check whether your custom ads.txt is working, type your Blogspot URL in your web browser and add /ads.txt on it. See sample below. Press ENTER to proceed.

👉 Done! You have successfully added a custom ads.txt in your Blogspot.

Upload Ads.txt file in Joomla website

👉 Login your Cpanel account.

👉 Find File Manager.

👉 Access the root folder of the website that you wanted to upload and add Ads.txt file. Go inside the htdocs or public_html folder.
👉 Leave your Cpnal for now. Open a Notepad and paste there the lines required for your Ads.txt file.

👉 When done, press File > Save As...

👉 In the File name, type ads.txt and press Save.

👉 Back to your Joomla website Cpanel. Press Upload.

👉 Press the browse button to find your ads.txt file in your computer.

👉 When you already see your ads.txt file, select it, and then press Open.

👉 Press Upload to start uploading your ads.txt file inside your Joomla root directory.

👉 You will see there your ads.txt file if it uploaded successfully.

👉 To verify whether it is working already, just type your Joomla website URL address followed by /ads.txt in your web browser and press ENTER.

👉 Done! You have successfully uploaded an ads.txt file for your Joomla website. See a live sample here:
Upload Ads.txt file in WordPress

👉 Again, login to your CPanel account.

👉 Find and press File Manager.

👉 Access your WordPress site root folder. Go to htdocs or public_html somes www folder.
👉 Leave your Cpanel for now. Open Notepad. Paste there the lines required for your ads.txt file.

👉 When done, press File > Save as... to continue.

👉 In the File name, type ads.txt and press Save.

👉 Back inside your root folder. Find and press Upload.

👉 In the window that will appear, find and select your ads.txt file and then press Open.

👉 Your ads.txt file will be seen inside your root directly if uploaded successfully.

👉 To check your ads.txt file, open your web browser again. Type your WordPress site URL followed by /ads.txt and press ENTER.

👉 Done! You have successfully uploaded ads.txt file in your WordPress site. See a live sample of ads.txt file for WordPress here:

Last words!

I hope you enjoyed doing this simple tutorial. This ads.txt file is really necessary to be uploaded on your website if you are a publisher and earning a living online. Please leave a comment below if you have something to ask or comment regarding the tutorial. Cheers!