For this post I will show you how to share small or large files via internet using NGROK.IO. You can share any kind of files like movies, documents, mp3, exe, etc.. The good thing about this tutorial is, you do not need to upload any files online. The downside is, it is only good for 8 hours. But you can just create a new link when your first shared link already expired.

But before anything else, make sure you have the following to be able to start doing the tutorial below.

XAMPP, download the file here.
NGROK.exe, download here.
NGROK account, register here.

How to share files online without uploading using temporarily.

👉 Assuming that you already downloaded and install XAMPP. Open it and press the first 2 Start buttons (Apache and MySQL).

👉 When XAMPP is already running your control panel should have 2 Stops now.

👉 Now, go to your account. Click Getting Started > Your Authtoken.

👉 Copy your authtoken.

👉 Open NGROK.exe and type ngrok authtoken your-authtoken-is-here and press ENTER.

👉 When done, you will see a message saying: Authtoken saved to configuration file: C:\Users\Zemira/.ngrok/ngrok.yml

👉 Now, type ngrok http 80 and press ENTER.

👉 Your session is now online. In the Forwarding, you will see there the link that you can share to your friends, or website visitors to download your file.

👉 Now, go to Start > This PC > Local Disk (C:) > xampp > htdocs. For this tutorial, I will be sharing some of my mp3 songs, so inside htdocs, I created a mp3 folder.

👉 Then I pasted the mp3 files inside the mp3 folder.

👉 Back to NGROK.exe, select the whole URL and press ENTER to copy it.

👉 Open your web browser, and paste the link. Press ENTER to continue.

👉 There you have it, you have successfully shared your files online without even uploading it. All you need to do now is share your link to anyone, you wanted to share it with.
👉 The link is good for 8 hours (if I am not mistaken).

👉 Done!

How to disconnect the shared files online, even though it is not yet 8 hours?
✅ Just open your XAMPP Control Panel and press the 2 Stop buttons.

Important note: Do not close your XAMPP Control Panel while sharing your files online, or else, your URL will not be accessible to your visitors.