For this tutorial, I will teach you how to openline or unlock Globe at Home ZLT S10G 2.00. You do not need to download ZArchiver, or Notepad++ or the BIN file of your device. You just need to edit your Globe at Home IP address or URL to access secret or hidden pages in your device. The advantage of this openline method is that, you do not need to have internet connection to to be able openline your device. 

This is 100% tested because I used this trick on my own ZLT S10G 2.00. And after we openline your device, I will also show you how to access the Bands Locking page, wherein you can modify your Frequency & Network. This will enable you to select the best band (e.g. band3, band28, band40, and band41) for your Globe at Home. See the tutorial below.

How to openline ZLT Globe at Home firmware version S10G 2.00

👉 Go to your Globe at Home IP address.

👉 Press Login link.

👉 Login using user as username and @l03e1t3 as password. Note: Next to @ is small letter L followed by number 0, e, e, number 1, letter t and 3. Press Login button to proceed.

👉 Inside, press Device Settings > Advanced Settings.

👉 Now, press DHCP.
👉 Go to the address bar and edit your current URL. From, change it to and press ENTER or GO.
👉 Inside MCC|MNC Locking page do the following:
Enable MCC|MNC Locking: Disabled
In the PLMN: type the code of network (see list below) that you want to unlock and press Add.

MCCMNC codes
☑ Smart: 51503
☑ Sun: 51505
☑ Globe: 51501 or 51502
☑ Gomo: 47002
☑ Dito: 51566

When done, press the Apply button to save your settings.

👉 You can now try to change your current sim card with another network like Smart, TNT, Sun, etc.. Because your device is already openlined, your other network sim card will have a signal and it is colored green.

👉 Done!

How to change and lock band in ZLT S10G 2.00

👉 Just repeat the steps above from 1 to 5.

👉 Go to the address bar and edit your current URL. From, change it to and press ENTER or GO.

👉 Inside Frequency & Network, select the band that gives your Globe at Home the highest signal. And press Apply. Your device will restart. Choose 1 band only, do not select all the bands.

👉 Done!

Other important URLs that you might want to access and modify its settings:
✅ #apn_setting - APN Setting
✅ #net_lockpci - Cell ID Locking
✅ #flow_setting - Internet / Data Limiter
✅ #unlock - Input Network Unlock Code
✅ #mcc_mnc_locking - Network Lock Disable/Enable(Openline) - Popular Setting
✅ #frequency - Frequency Band Selection - Popular Setting
✅ #net_select - Network Selection (4G/3G/2G)
✅ #backup_data - export/upload .BIN file to upgrade, debrand Globe at Home device