Me and my wife just got our dozes of Covid-19 vaccine last December 2021. We took the Janssen vaccine because it is just one doze and we do not need another one just to get our COVID-19 vaccination card.

But, do you know how to check whether your vaccination ID card is fake or original? See the simple steps below.

How to know if Covid-19 Vaccination Card is Original or Fake?

👉 First, you need to download using your phone a QR Code scanner app. Don't worry these scanners are free to download. You can download and install the app here [ QR and Barcode scanner ]

👉 When done installing, open the QR and Barcode scanner app.  Get your COVID-19 vaccination card and scan its QR code using your app. The app will automatically capture your card QR code. It will provide a bitly link. This link will prove that your card is not a fake but an original one. Just press the link.

👉 After pressing the link you will the image below. It contains the "Vaccination Verified" and lots more about Covid-19. The link of the image is also found in DOH website. So you scanned your QR code and the the image below is not found or hosted in the DOH website within your region, then, the card is a fake.

👉 Done!