If you wanted to ban or block unknown device or user or someone you do not know who is connected in your Globe at Home wi-fi without any permission, then, you can do so by doing the simple tutorial below. Doing so, will save your data and will make your internet connection more faster.

How to block connected device in your WiFi Globe at Home

1. Login to your Globe at Home. Username is user and password is @l03e1t3.

2. Press Device Settings, then Connected Devices.

3. Under Wireless Access Device, see the MAC address of the unknown device. It could be a mobile phone, a laptop/pc or desktop computer. Copy the MAC address.

4. Now, press Wi-Fi Settings.

5. Then press MAC Filter.
6. In the MAC Filter Format, from Disable, change it to Black List. Then paste the MAC address of the device that you wanted to block or ban in your Wi-Fi. Press Apply to save your work.
7. Done!