If you want to openline and debrand your ZLT S10g 2.06.1 modem for free then, you are at the right place. After doing this tutorial, your modem will be able to accept any network sim card and you can now choose and lock the band for your modem using the Bands Locking. If you know Cell Locking, you can also do so, because your modem will also have the Cell Locking option after the openline process. See the tutorial below for more details.

How to openline/debrand ZLT S10g 2.06.1

1. Open your Chrome/Firefox/UC, go to and login. Username is user. Password is @l03e1t3

2. Press Firewall.

3. Inside Firewall, press Firewall Backup to continue.
4. Press Browse and find the fw_save.tar.gz file. You can download the firmware below.

5. When done, press the Update button to continue.

6. A message saying: You're logged out of your account. Please login again will appear. Just press the OK button to proceed.

7. You will notice that the logo is now SZTozed. Just login again as user to continue.

8. Go to System Settings > Restore to Factory Setting > Reset Factory Settings > YES.

9. The modem will restart. After restarting your modem, login again as user. Then, go to Device Settings > Advance Settings.

10. Then press Bands Locking. You will see there 4 different bands. These bands are band3, band28, band40, and band41. Test the bands one by one. Select only one band. You should select the band that gives you the highest signal and fastest internet. Press the Apply button to lock your band.

11. Done!

Download firmware: fw_save.tar.gz

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for education purposes only. Do it at your own risk.