If you are wondering where is the Satlite Load 99 and other Satlite load promos inside your GCash account, then, you are in the right place. GCash just updated their app with a new look and the links and menus are also updated. All you need to do is just explore a little bit to familiarize the new environment of the app. See the steps below for more details.

New Steps: How register to Satlite Load 99 (updated)

👉 Login your GCash account. Inside, find and press Buy Load.

👉 Now, press the Lifestyle Load tab. And then press the Visit Shop Lifestyle link.

👉 A message saying: You will be redirected to Lifestyle Load. If you proceed you will leave Buy Load and be redirected to Lifestyle Load. Just press the OK button to proceed.

👉 In the Shop for: enter the phone number of the receiver of your Satlite Load. And then press the NEXT button.

👉 Now find and press the PAYTV tab. And inside PAYTV, find and press Satlite Load 99 and then press the NEXT button to continue. By the way, Satlite Load 99 is valid for 30 days with 26 channels.

👉 In the Payment section you will see there your current GCash balance and the amount that you are going to pay. Make sure your balance is enough to continue the process. Just press the Pay PHP 99.00 button to proceed.

👉 Just go on with the remaining simple steps and done!