See tutorial below in how to easily create an OBB folder inside Android folder in your Bluestacks. OBB folder is used to contain OBB files from modded or preactivated apk games. By default, OBB folder also contains OBB files of big-sized apk games like GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, Minecraft and NBA2K13.

How to create OBB folder inside Android folder in Bluestacks

✅ Open Bluestacks and press Play Store.
✅ In the Search for apps & games type FX File Explorer: the file manager with privacy and press Enter.
✅ Now, press Install.
✅ After installing, press OPEN.
✅ If the app request for permission just Allow it. In the welcome menu, just drag the screen from right to left until you reach the image below. The "Start a 7-day trial of FX Plus" now is automatically selected. Now, click the magenta-coloured circle with a check to continue.

✅ Leave your Bluestacks for now. Go to Computer > C drive > Program Data > BlueStacks_nxt > Engine > UserData > SharedFolder. (If you cannot see Program Data, it is hidden. Go to Start > Control Panel > Folder Options > View tab > in the "Hidden Files and Folders" select "Show hidden files, folders, and drives.")

✅ Inside SharedFolder, create a New Folder and name it obb.

✅ Back to Bluestacks, open FX. Go to System > mnt > windows > BstShared-Folder. Inside, you will see there the obb folder that you created. We need to move the obb folder inside Android folder. To do this, press the + sign (see image below).

✅ After pressing the + sign, press the obb folder to select it. And then press Copy.

✅ You will see a 1 copied text if you copied the obb folder successfully.

✅ Press the Home icon.
✅ Now press System > sdcard > Android. Inside Android folder press the 1 copied. A menu will appear. Press Paste.

✅ And your obb folder is now inside the Android folder.

✅ Done!