You can easily resize or scale, reposition or move your imported images, background, etc in OpenToonz using the Animate Tool. See the steps below.

How to scale/resize, move imported background, images in OpenToonz

✅ Open OpenToonz. Create a new scene. Now press Browser.

✅ Find the location of your image.

✅ When you see it, right-click the image that you want to import inside your project or scene and press Load.

✅ Just press Import button when ask.

✅ Now, press Drawing to go back to the scene.

✅ You will now see there the image that you just imported.

✅ In the Toolbox, press Animate Tool. Make sure your image is selected before pressing the tool.

Animate Tool will present you the following options. To reposition your image, just select Position. You can now drag and drop your image anywhere inside or out the workspace.

✅ To resize or scale your image, select Scale. Just drag your image up to make it bigger and drag it down to make it smaller.

✅ Done! That's the simple way to resize or reposition your image in OpenToonz.