Ran Pinas EP4 
✔ Max level: 175 
✔ Last Skill: 157 
✔ Classic Party Leveling system 
✔ Pots based 
✔ Hunt based 
✔ Classic 4 Class: Shaman Class, Archer Class, Brawler Class, Swordsman Class 
✔ Most updated anti cheat 

You can download the client below. It is a little big installer so make sure you have a decent internet connection to be able to download the file smoothly and without interruption.

Download Ran Pinas Online Installer

Download details:
✅ File name: RanPinasInstaller.exe
✅ File size: 1.65 gb
✅ File type: exe
✅ Download: [mediafire]
✅ Developer: Depp Gaming Let's Go
✅ How to install: It is important to run the RanPinasInstaller.exe as administrator. Just double click the exe file and go along with the easy process. After installation, open the launcher. Register, create a character and you are online with your class.

Sample screenshots: