The current style of Windows 11 and 10 Start Menu and Taskbar will really make you uncomfortable if you are being used to the start menu and taskbar of old Windows like Windows 7. The new Start Menu, specially Windows 11 has the Recommended section below the Start Menu and it eats up half of the space.

And also, the Taskbar of Windows 11, by default, the Start button and pinned icon apps are in the middle. But, good to know, that there is an option to position them at the left side of the screen. But the Start Menu style is fixed for good.

For this tutorial, we will replace or revert the current Windows 11 Start Menu into an aero or classic one like Windows 7 and more.

How to replace Windows 10 or 11 Start Menu with Classic or Aero

✅ First, you need to download and install StartAllBack. [Download here]

✅ Assuming that you already installed it in your computer. download and install WinRar next. [Download here]

✅ Now, find your StartAllBack_3.5.1_setup.exe, right-click the file and press "Extract to StartAllBack_3.5.1_setup."

✅ Open the StartAllBack_3.5.1_setup folder. Click StartAllBackCfg.exe.

✅ Inside Welcome tab, in the Select theme to apply, Choose the style of Start Menu that you want. See samples below:

🔎 Proper 11 features
☑ Round Start Menu and taskbar elements
☑ Corner taskbar icons open Win11 flyouts if possible
☑ New Command Bar in Windows Explorer

🔎 Kinda 10 features
☑ Square Start Menu and taskbar elements
☑ Corner taskbar icons open Win10 flyouts if possible
☑ Ribbon UI Windows Explorer

🔎 Remastered 7 features
☑ Aero Start Menu and taskbar style
☑ Corner taskbar icons open Win7 flyouts if possible
☑ Simple UI details on bottom in Windows Explorer.

✅ Just click of the three themes and it will apply automatically.

✅ Now, press Taskbar tab. Set the Use enhanced classic taskbar to ON. In the Visual style set it to Default. Icon size: choose what you want as well as for the Icon margins. For the Start Menu button logo just select the one you want also. In the Taskbar location on screen: select Bottom. And in the Combine taskbar buttons: select Never.

Note: These are my own customization. You can also do what you desire to do with your Windows 11 using the StartAllBack program.

✅ Done!