You can now easily transfer or cash in money inside your ShopeePay using Metrobank InstaPay. Though the process is worth PHP25.00, the method is instant and you can use the funds immediately after the transfer from your bank to Shopee.

To be able to do this tutorial, you need the following requirements:
✅ Metrobank app
✅ Registered online account in Metrobank app
✅ Funds inside your Metrobank Savings & Current account

If you met the simple listed requirements above, proceed with the given simple steps below to start cashing in your Metrobank funds inside your ShopeePay account.

How to Cash in ShopeePay using Metrobank

1. Login your Metrobank account using Metrobank app. Inside, press Menu (3 horizontal lines).

2. In the menu that will appear, press Transfer to other Bank to proceed.

3. In the Transfer to Other Bank, select InstaPay.

4. Inside Please select the target beneficiary funds transfer, press the Transfer button under One-Time Transfer.

5. Fill up the form with the needed correct and exact information.
✅ Bank: ShopeePay
✅ Account number: Your registered Shopee account number.
✅ Beneficiary: Individual
✅ First Name: Your registered Shopee account name
✅ Middle Name: You can leave this as blank
✅ Last Name: Your registered Shopee account surname
✅ Address: You can leave this as blank also
✅ Purpose: Write your purpose of transferring
✅ Email address or Mobile Number: You can type your email address or select phone number.
✅ Save this beneficiary (just enable the button)

When done, press the NEXT button to proceed.

6. In the Please select the source account for your funds transfer, select the available Current & Savings account.

7. In the Fill-up transfer details, type the amount that you want to cash in on your ShopeePay. This is a real-time transfer. And you can only transfer PHP10,000 daily. A cash in has a fee of PHP25.00. When done, press NEXT to continue.

8. Inside Transfer Confirmation, just check of all details are correct. Then press the Submit button.

9. Just go along with the remaining steps to complete the transferring of your fund to ShopeePay.

10. Done!