You can easily load your Satlite box with their promo Satlite Load 99 using your GCash account. The promo is good for 1 month or 30 days only. The promo is worth P99.00 only. This promo includes the following TV and radio channels.

  • A2Z
  • ETC
  • GMA
  • GTV
  • IBC 13
  • Net 25
  • One Sports
  • PTV
  • RJ TV
  • TV5
  • Hits Movies
  • Lotus Macau
  • Thrill
  • BuKo
  • Cinemo
  • Jeepney TV
  • Kapamilya Channel
  • PBO
  • Sari-Sari
  • TMC
  • Kix SD
  • One Sports +
  • PBA Rush SD
  • Tap Sports
  • Animax
  • Boomerang
  • Nick Jr.
  • One News SD
  • One PH
  • AXN
  • ROCK Entertainment
  • Hits SD
  • ROCK Extreme
  • Animal Planet
  • DepEd TV
  • Knowledge Channel
  • Outdoor
  • Asian Food Network
  • MTV Asia
  • DZRH News TV
  • INC
  • TV Maria
  • UNTV
  • PPV SD
  • 101.1 Yes FM
  • 102.7 Star FM/Bombo Radyo
  • 90.7 Love Radio - FM
  • 92.3 News FM
  • 93.9 iFM
  • Catholic Media Network
  • DZXL 558 AM
  • Edge Radio
  • GV FM (Angeles)
  • Radio Maria
  • CinemaOne (Ala Carte)
  • MYX (Ala Carte)
  • NBA TV Philippines (Ala Carte)


  • GCash account with funds
  • Phone with at least P1 load
  • Your SatLite Box account number

If you have the listed requirements above, then proceed to the tutorial below.

Here are the steps on how to buy Satlite load 99 using your GCash account

1. Open and login your GCash account. Inside, tap on Load icon.

buy load gcash

2. Inside Buy Load, press the Lifestyle Load tab, and then press Visit Shop Lifestyle link.

visit shop lifestyle gcash

3. A message saying you will be redirected to Lifestyle Load will appear, press the OK button to proceed.

redirecting to shop lifestyle page gcash

4. In the Shop for, type the Satlite Load 99 recipient number. Press the NEXT button to continue.

type satlite load 99 number recipient

5. Inside the Shop Lifestyle, swipe from right to left until you find the PAYTV tab. Under PAYTV find and tap on SatLite Load 99 which is valid for 30 days and worth P99. Press the NEXT button to continue.

gcash paytv satlite load 99

6. Under Payment, press the PAY PHP 99.00 button to confirm payment.

payment for satlite load 99 gcash

7. Done! You have successfully purchased and paid GCash Satlite Load 99 using your account.

payment successful for satlite load 99 via gcash

How to Register Satlite Load 99 e-PIN from GCash

1. A text message from GCash will be received by the Satlite Load 99 recipient number. Upon receiving, open the SMS to find your Satlite PIN. It is a 14-digit number PIN. You can copy the pin or write it on a piece of paper.

14-digit satlite load 99 pin from gcash

2. When done copying, open your SMS app. We are going to register or load the PIN to our Satlite box. In your phone type SATLITE space YOUR 14-DIGIT PIN space YOUR SATLITE ACCOUNT NUMBER and send it to 5353. Make sure you have at least P1.00 load because registration is not free. After texting you will receive a text message saying: Your request is in progress. Please wait. P1 per request. Then, another text message saying: Your load request has been confirmed. Account no. 57363657 will be loaded with SatLite Regular 99 EPIN shortly. That's it. All you need to do now is open your TV. But wait, you need to wait about 10 to 15 minutes before you can normally view all the other channels except for the OnePH which is a free channel. After waiting, you can now enjoy watching movies, news, anime as long as you want for 30 days.

registering the satlite epin from gcash to be loaded on satlite box

Done! You have successfully bought and loaded your Satlite box with Satlite load 99 using your GCash account.

If you have question, leave a comment below. Cheers!