If you wanted to see and download your GCash transaction history, you can do so by requesting it using your GCash app. But unlike before, you won't be able to download the complete history, because I already tried it and it only gave me transactions from year 2021. Still, I will show you how to do it or this tutorial.

Table of Contents

✅ Login GCash account
✅ Open Transactions
✅ Rquest for the transaction
✅ Open and download transaction via email
✅ Input transaction file password to open
✅ Done!

How to see & download GCash Transaction History

1. Open and login your GCash account. Find and press Transactions.

2. Inside, you will see your most recent transaction history. If you wanted to see older transactions you won't be able to see them, but, you can request for them. Press Request Transaction History button to proceed.

3. Inside Transaction History Request, under Select a data range, do the following: Data Range - Custom. From - 01-01-15, and To - current date. I selected January 1, 2015 because, I thought I started using GCash that time. When done, press Submit Request button to continue.

4. Your request is now being sent. Press Okay button to continue,

5. After about 15 minutes, I received the email on my registered email account for GCash. It has the no-reply@gcash.com as the Sender and the "Your GCash Transaction History with the date range" subject. Open it to proceed.

6. Inside the email, find and press the "Scan and download" link to download your GCash transaction history as PDF file.

7. After downloading, open the transaction_history.pdf file. In the Password required, your password is your GCash last name or surname + your GCash mobile number last 4-digit. Example: Your complete name is John Cruz and your number is 09971234567. Your password will be cruz4567. When done, press Submit to proceed.

8. Done, you just downloaded and opened your GCash Transaction History. I already said it above, the date of range only starts from year 2021 and the 2020 and older transaction won't be available at all.