Metrobank app does not offer only bank transactions. It also offers Buy Load and Promos from different mobile networks like TNT, Smart, Globe, TM and more. For this post, I will show you how to buy load using the Metrobank Mobile app.

For this tutorial, I will be buying load for my TNT number. But please be noted that the same steps apply for the other mobile networks like Sun, Dito, Gomo, and Cherry.


  • Make sure you have enough balance inside your Metrobank mobile app
  • Mobile data or internet connection to be able to open the app
  • Mobile number of the load or promo recipient

Now here are the steps on how to buy load in Metrobank mobile app.

1. Open and login your Metrobank mobile app account. Inside, find and press the 3 dots located near your debit/card number.

hidden menu near debit card-account number metrobank app

2. In the menu that will appear, press Transact.

transact menu metrobank app

3. In the Select the type of transaction, press Buy Load.

buy load metrobank mobile app

4. Type the number of the load recipient and then press the NEXT button to proceed.

input mobile number to load

5. Now, press LOAD MORE.

list of promo load metrobank app

6. Find and press the amount of load that you want to purchase. For this tutorial, I will buy the Smart e-Load 300 (Regular).

regular load metrobank online

7. In the Please ensure that the mobile number is correct, just double-check the mobile number of the load recipient.

double check transact details metrobank mobile buy load

8. An OTP will be sent to your Metrobank-registered phone number. Type the 6-digit OTP and press the Submit button to submit.

input otp send to metrobank-registered number

9. In the Buy Load Result, you will see there the Prepaid Reload Successful with the reference number, the account used, the amount loaded and the mobile number that received the regular load. Just press the OK button to proceed.

prepraid reload successful metrobank app

10. A text from Metrobank will be received by the number that received the load saying: Greetings from Metrobank! Juan dela Cruz sent you a prepaid load via Metrobank Mobile Banking app. Please expect credit to your mobile account from your service provider.

load confirmation sms from metrobank

11. Another text message from Smart will be received by the load recipient saying: 1/2 24-Sep 14:31: EXTRA LOAD 300 loaded to 09704567890 for 1 year. Ref:9IO0I6QIVQ.

load received tnt number

12. Done! You have successfully buy load using your Metrobank Mobile app.

If you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!