Wondering how to host your CSS and JavaScript files for your Blogger account using free hosting sites like Awardspace.com? For this post, I will how to do it and its all for free.

This is going to be 4-Part tutorial. First is signing up with Awardspace.com. Second is creating a subdomain. Third is uploading the JS and CSS files into the File Manager of your subdomain. And lastly, getting the direct links of your external files. Without further ado, lets start.

Here are the steps on how to host CSS and JS (javascript) files in Blogger using Awardspace.com free domain hosting.

1. Go to awardspace.com. Inside click the Free Signup button.

signup awardspace com

2. Input your name, valid email address and password. When done click the Register Now button.

fill up registration form awardspace

3. A confirmation email will be sent to your registered-email. Open your email.

registration done

4. Inside your email, you will find a link. Click the link to confirm your account. After clicking the link, you will be redirected to your Awardspace account.

email confirmation link

5. You are now inside your account.

awardspace com account verified

6. Inside, find and click Hosting Tools. In the dropdown menu click Domain Manager.

domain manager

7. Now, click Create a Free Subdomain. Type any name for your subdomain and press the Create button to confirm.

create free sub domain

8. Done! You have successfully created your subdomain.

subdomain created

9. Time to access the File Manager of your subdomain now. Back to Hosting Tools, click File Manager.

subdomain file manager

10. You will then see the root folder of your subdomain. Double-click the folder to open it.

access subdomain root folder

11. Inside, click the Upload button.

upload file inside file manager

12. Press the Click to select files to start uploading your CSS and JS file in your File Manager.

start uploading css js file

13. Browse your CSS and JS file, when done, click the Upload button.

css js file start upload

14. Done! Your CSS and JS file are now inside the root folder of your subdomain.

css js file uploaded to file manager

15. To get the link of your CSS and JS file, just get your whole subdomain link. For this tutorial, I got 123howxyz.atwebpages.com. Then get the filename of your CSS and JS file with their respective file extension which is also .css and .js.

get link of js css file

16. For the Cascading Stylesheet file, the direct link of the script is 123howxyz.atwebpages.com/magnifierpix.css.

css file direct link

17. And for the JavaScript the link will be 123howxyz.atwebpages.com/magnifierpix.js.

js file direct link

18. Just copy the direct link of the file and start calling them inside your Blogger posts or theme using the following tags:

For JS file:
<script src="http://123howxyz.atwebpages.com/magnifierpix.js"></script>

For CSS file:
<link rel="stylesheet" href="http://123howxyz.atwebpages.com/magnifierpix.css">

19. Done! You have successfully created a free subdomain to host your own JS and CSS files for free. And also learned how to call these external files into your Blogger BlogSpot or website.

If you have question, leave a comment below. Thanks!