Outdoor or indoor solar lights are very popular now specially in the provinces here in the Philippines. These lights are mostly used in areas wherein brownouts are very often. We can buy these solar lights in Shopee and Lazada, and most of them are very cheap and affordable.

For this post, we are going to troubleshoot those solar lights that:
✅ won't charge
✅ have the same female connectors
✅ there is male and female connectors but upon plugging in, still, it won't charge

The listed problems above has the same simple fix and it will allow you to avoid the hassle of returning the product to the seller and wasting your time and money. See the tutorial below.

How to fix outdoor solar light LED waterproof that won't charge or has the same female connector

As you can see on the image below. The solar light has the same female connector. In this situation, you won't be able to plugin the connector from the LED lamp to the solar panel.

In the video below, I bought two 60-wattages solar light in Shopee and both of them won't charge also even though I successfully plugged in the connectors.

Here's the fix!

1. Cut off both your female connectors. Or if you have a male and female one, just do the same, cut it off also.

2. When done make a direct connection (color to color) in your wire. If your wires are colored blue and brown (as shown below), connect the blue to the other blue and the brown to the other brown. When done, make sure you separate the wire connections using an electric tape. Make sure also that the wires are properly attached with each other.

3. Instantly, you will see that your solar light is now charging. If in any case, it is not charging, make sure that your panel is within the reach of the sun rays.

As a proof that this really worked for me. I also uploaded a video below.

4. Done!

If you have question, just leave a comment below. Thank you!