If you like to shop online like Shopee or Lazada, there are so many stores that are selling fake or clone mobile phones that you can buy in a very very low price. These phones look very similar to the original brands but won't last long when you buy it for sure.

For this tutorial, I will show you how to easily see and confirm whether the phone that you already bought or going to buy is a genuine one or fake and clone. See the steps below.

How to know if your phone is fake, clone or genuine

How to know if your phone is fake, clone or genuine

You can watch my YouTube video below or just go through the tutorial.

1. In your phone press Contacts or Phone.

2. Dial *#06# to proceed.

3. If your phone is a dual sim card, then, two IMEI's will appear. Just copy the first one. We will be using it later.

4. Now, open Google Chrome. You can also try using other internet browser.

5. Go to imei.info website.

6. In the "Enter the IMEI number" type the IMEI that you copied earlier.

7. Now, press the tick button near "I am human".

8. In my case, I need to select all images of cows. Just select all images, when done, press Verify button to proceed. 

9. When you passed the challenge, you can now press the CHECK button.

10. Information about your phone will now appear, including its brand, model, and more if it is now fake or clone.
11. There are also Basic Information about your phone that will also appear. There will be no record that will going to appear if your phone is not genuine.

Done! IF you have question about this tutorial, leave a comment below. Cheers!