If your National ID is not yet available, then, why not download and print your ePhilID? ePhilID is the electronic version copy of your National ID and is it also a hundred percent valid ID.

And for this post, I will show you how to get one. Without further ado, let's start.


✅ Your 29-digit reference number. It is located in the paper that was given to you during your National ID registration.

How to get, download & print ePhilID (National ID e-copy)

1. First, we need to check if your ePhilID is ready and available. Go to ephilid.philsys.gov.ph website. I was texted by PSA that my wife's ID is available that's why I am very sure and was able to do this tutorial for you guys. But, if you do not receive a text yet, you can still try. Go STEP 2.

2. In the ephilid.philsys.gov.ph website, you will see there the Transaction Reference Number input field. Carefully type your 29-digit number in it.

3. When done, press the Submit button to proceed with the checking.

4. You will see an "ePhilID is ready. Redirecting to request form." message if yours is available. If so, click the OK button to continue.

5. Under Download my ePhilID form, just fillup the needed details. It includes your Last, First, Middle names, Date of Birth and Mobile number used during registration.

6. In the 8 Digit OTP, press the Get OTP button to send the 8-digit code to your registered mobile phone number.

7. Upon receiving the text from PSA, get the 8-digit code number and type it in the space provided. When done, press the Submit button to proceed.

8. You will then see a message saying "Success. Download successful. Please access your ePhilID using the password sent to your active mobile number." Just press OK to proceed.

9. A PDF file containing your ePhilID will be downloaded automatically. Open it.

10. When prompted with a password, just enter the password sent to your mobile number via text by PSA.

11. Enter the password carefully and correctly because it is a very hard password. When done, press Submit button to proceed.

12. Done! You will see inside the PDF file your ePhilID. You will also see there the scissors mark and dotted line. This is the point where in you can safely cut your ID after printing it. By the way, if you do not have a printer at home, you can just copy your file in a USD flash drive and go to the nearest friend or computer shop with a printer.

13. After cutting the ID, you can now fold it in the middle, as you can see in the sample image below.

14. When done, you can now go to the nearest shop with lamination service and ask them to laminate your ePhilID. Doing this, your ID will be secured and protected against scratches, water and other damages. Do not forget to pay them after the lamination. Just kidding!

Important notes:

✅ ePhilID is a valid proof of identity.
✅ ePhilID contains all the information in the PhilID and has the same functionality and validity.
✅ Do not damage the QR Code of your ePhilID as well as the other vital info regarding your, so, it is advised to laminate it immediately after downloading and cutting it.

If you have questions to ask, do not hesitate to leave a comment below. Thanks!