The table below consists of the List of designated Zip Codes for the municipalities of Aklan province. All in all, there are 17 municipalities. The code starts from 5600 up to 5616. Note that the municipalities are listed alphabetically. Please refer to the table below.
List of Zip Codes - Aklan Province

List of Zip Codes - Aklan Province

Zip Code
Altavas 5616
Balete 5614
Banga 5601
Batan 5615
Buruanga 5609
Ibajay 5613
Kalibo 5600
Lezo 5605
Libacao 5602
Madalag 5603
Makato 5611
Malay 5608
Malinao 5606
Nabas 5607
New Washington 5610
Numancia 5604
Tangalan 5612
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