Ginger is a typical medicinal plant. It can also be used as ingredient in making foods. When the time that I can no longer drink coffee in the morning, I switched to drinking salabat or ginger tea. But making salabat the old way is too hassle and the taste is some times very spicy. For me, I want a salabat with medium spiciness. And that's what we are going to do for this article.

How to Make 2-in-ONE Ginger Tea/Salabat (My Mother's Original Recipe)

When you are done doing this 2-in-One Ginger Tea, you will going to have it stored in a container that you can just pickup anytime you want. Just add the hot water, stir, and you already have your salabat. Since it is 2-in-One, your salabat already have sugar. Now, to be able to do this ready-to-serve salabat you need the following ingredients.

What you will need:

1 kilo ginger
2 kilos brown sugar
a grater (kudkuran)
a deep frying pan or a wok (kawali)
gloves (you will need this to avoid the hotness of the ginger)

STEPS in Making 2-in-One Ginger Tea or Salabat

1. Clean first all your ginger using water.

2. After cleaning, wear your gloves.

3. Then fine your ginger using the grater.

4. When all the gingers are fined, get some fined ginger, put it on your palm and squeezed it to get the ginger extract. Repeat the process until all the fined ginger are done with the extraction process.

5. Now open your gas stove and put your deep frying-pan. Set the fire in low.

6. Next, put half of your ginger extract to the pan.

7. Wait until the extract starts to show some smoke, then put 1 kilo of brown sugar to the extract.

8. Wait again until your brown sugar and the ginger extract mixed. There will be many bubbles while cooking. (Important: the fire must be low)

9. Continuously mix together the solution until it starts to lose water (from the ginger extract).

10. When all the water evaporates the only thing that will remain on your pan is the brown sugar granules. Don't worry, all the ginger extract are already drained inside the sugar granules.

11. And you are done making your 2-in-ONE ginger tea.

12. Do the same process for the other half of the ginger extract.