Bigo Live is an online chatroom wherein within a chatroom there is one particular owner or broadcaster. He or she controls his/her room and the main star of that room. Most of the broadcasters are women with good-looking personality and talented (can sing, dance, and perform different kinds of talent). But, any smoking, vulgar, pornography and nudity display behaviors are prohibited in BIGO LIVE. If conducted, account will be banned. The moderators of Bigo Live is inspecting each and every broadcasters live show 24 hours.


Using Bigo Live, a broadcaster can earn beans and as far as I know, these beans are convertible to money (210 beans = USD1). So if you have 210,000 beans that would be USD1000 which is equivalent to over PHP50,000 (Philippine peso). But to be able to collect such amount of beans, a broadcaster must have tons of followers who can give him or her gifts (also beans). And also, as a broadcaster he/she must be talented so that anyone who is watching will voluntarily give the gifts because of the talent. Dancing is the most efficient way especially for female broadcasters to earn lots of beans.

Other broadcasters will tend to broadcast not themselves but what they are currently playing inside their mobile phone. This is under Bigo Gaming. The broadcasters are categorized via different countries which they are coming from. These countries are:

Saudi Arabia
Hong Kong
United Arab Emirates

Most of broadcasters are coming from Indonesia, Thailand, Vietnam, Malaysia, India, and Philippines.

Now, for you to be able to watch Bigo Live using only your computer, there are 2 different ways.

First, you can watch Bigo without the use of any application just your browser alone can do the job.

1. To be able to watch Bigo using your browser only, you just need the Bigo website link. Just click the given link below to access the different broadcasters from different countries.

2. When you are inside the Bigo website, you will be presented with the Hot Live. These are mainly those broadcasters who has the most number of watchers or audience. If you wanted to watch broadcasters that are only from Thailand or Philippines, you can just click the Thailand tab and you will be presented with Thai broadcasters only.

3. Now to watch a live show from a broadcaster, just click any of the preview that caught your attention. Wait for the broadcaster's page to load. If you see the same image below. Then you just need to Allow flash player to load the broadcaster's live show.

4. To allow flash player just click, "Not secure" located near the URL of the broadcaster. Then, click "Ask (default)", and lastly click Allow.

5. A message "To apply your updated settings to this site, reload this page" will appear. Just click the Reload button to continue. The page will automatically reload.

6. And there you have it, you can now see the broadcaster that you selected. You can enjoy watching her as long as she is live or online. But make sure you have lots of data or you have unlimited internet because Bigo Live broadcasts are always in HD (high definition) and watching a live will eat large amount of data.

Now for the second way to watch Bigo Live, also using your computer but you need an application called Bluestacks.

1. First, you need to download and install Bluestacks. Download the program here.

2. After downloading and installing Bluestacks, run it. If you are experiencing lag, you need to enable your computer's Virtual Technology in Bios.


3. In the search engine of Bluestacks type "Bigo Live" (without quotes) and hit the magnifying glass to start the search.


4. Click the install button to start downloading and installing the Bigo Live app. See the image below.


5. Wait for the downloading and installing process to finish.


6. When done, click the My Apps tab and inside it you will see there the Bigo Live app already installed. Click the app to start chatting, and viewing live videos in different countries for free.


7. You will be prompted to login using Facebook, Google or using your phone. Select the option that suits you.

8. Then select the live show that you wanted to view. See the sample image below.

9. Done!

Bigo Live is an ideal job online just like a Blogger. For me, a blogger will write useful articles to be able to apply to a publisher program like Google Adsense and earn money. If you are a Bigo broadcaster you can also earn money by showing viewers talents that interest them.