Clerical Operation

106. This is a type of document issued by a seller to a buyer relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities and prices sold to the buyer.
a. Check voucher
b. Purchase order
c. Delivery receipt
d. Sales invoice

107. Which of the following is not a usual document used in a sales company?
a. Form 137
b. Delivery receipt
c. Sales invoice
d. Purchase order

108. One of the responsibilities of a clerical job is answering and tending phone calls. Which is the best way to answer a phone call in a company?
a. Say “Hello,” and wait for the caller to speak.
b. Run and get a pen and notebook then pick up the phone.
c. Answer the phone politely and give your department or company name.
d. Wait for fellow employees to answer the phone.

109. An example of a hard copy document is:
a. PDF file letter
b. Company email message
c. A business letter saved in USB
d. Business letter in a paper

110. What does a CC means in an email message?
a. Copy sent
b. Copy furnished
c. Copy cat
d. Client copy

111. Which computer program should you go if you want to email a company?
a. Word
b. Excel
c. Outlook
d. Powerpoint

112. This is a telephonic transmission of scanned documents of texts and images to a telephone number connected to a printer.
A. Photocopying Machine
B. Fax Machine
C. Typewriter
D. Inkjet Printer

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