113. The chief financial officer is responsible for the financial matters and financial
management of a corporation, she is also known as the _______.
a. Auditor
b. Treasurer
c. Chief Executive Officer
d. Manager
114. Which department of a company is responsible for cash register operations and payment
a. Cashier
b. Billing
c. Accounting
d. Budget

115. Your boss asked you to send her a soft copy of your latest résumé. An example of a soft copy is:
a. A print out copy usually in a paper
b. Original copy written in a paper
c. A copy saved in a computer and sent through email
d. A copy from a Xerox machine

Philippine Constitutions, General Information and Events

116. The official motto used in 30th Southeast Asian Games is what?
a. We Care As One
b. We Play As One
c. We Win As One
d. We Will As One
e. We Work As One

117. On August 16, 2018, the government announced at least ___ Philippine holidays for 2019 as declared by virtue of Proclamation No. 555, series of 2018.
a. 16
b. 18
c. 19
d. 15
e. 14

118. Which of the following statements best describes the relationship between global warming ozone depletion?
a. Ozone depletion contributes to global warming.
b. Global warming causes ozone depletion.
c. Ozone depletion and global warming have nothing to do with each other.
d. Excessive build-up of carbon dioxide causes both global warming and ozone depletion.

119. It is only Philippine province with an English name.
a. Cebu
b. Mountain Province
c. General Santos
d. Zambales

120. What form of government does the Philippines adopt?
a. Republican
b. Democratic
c. Neither a nor b
d. Both a and b

121. Who among the following may issue a warrant of arrest or a search warrant?
a. A senator
b. A judge
c. A congressman
d. The President

122. A foreigner may acquire Filipino citizenship through
a. Naturalization
b. Extradition
c. Rebirth
d. Visa application

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