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Civil Service Exam Reviewer 2020 Page 1

Philippines Civil Service Exam Complete Reviewer
Arranged by: Leonalyn Mutia-Tayone
Detailed solutions for Math are solved by: Leonalyn Mutia-Tayone

Graphs / Charts / Data
Vocabulary Questions
Idiomatic Expressions and Correct Grammar and Spelling
Word Analogy and Logic Test
Reading Comprehension Test
Paragraph Organization Test Questions Civil Service
Clerical Operations
Philippine Constitutions, General Information, Events
Numerical Reasoning
 Graphs / Charts / Data: Answer Key with Solution
 Vocabulary: Answer Key
 Idiomatic Expression and Correct Spelling - Answer Key
 Word Analogy and Logic Test - Answer Key
 Reading Comprehension - Answer Key
 Paragraph Organization - Answer Key
 Clerical Operation - Answer Key
 Philippine Constitution, General Information and Events - Answer Key
 Numerical Reasoning - Answer Key
Bible Verses for Exam Success


The 20 times that follow are information about you. Please supply the information as HONESTLY and ACCURATELY as you can.

The data that will be obtained from these items shall be held strictly confidential.

Each item is followed by several possible answer. On your sheet, shade completely the box that
corresponds to the number of the answer that specifically pertains to you.

1. Sex :
1. Male 2. Female

2. Civil Status :
1. Single
2. Married
3. Widow/widower
4. Separated/Divorce

3. Age bracket where you belong :
1. 18-24 years old
2. 25-31 years old
3. 32-28 years old
4. 39-45 years old
5. More than 45 years old

4. Highest educational attainment:
1. College graduate
2. Diploma/Certificate
3. With Master’s Units
4. Master’s Degree
5. With Ph.D. Units/Degree

5. Year of last attendance in school :
1. Before 1985
2. 1986-1990
3. 1991-1995
4. 1996-2000
5. After 2000

6. What honours did you receive when you graduated from college?
1. Summa Cum laude
2. Magna Cum laude
3. Cum laude
4. Other academic award
5. None/not applicable

7. Present employment:
1. Government
2. Private
3. Self-employed

8. Type of present job:
1. Professional/Technical/Scientific
2. General Clerical
3. Trades and crafts (jobs requiring manual dexterity of application of manual/mechanical/
 artistic skills)
4. Others
5. Not applicable

9. Length of experience in present job:
1. Less than one year
2. One to two years
3. Three to four years
4. More than four years
5. Unemployed

10. Do you have any of the following first level eligibilities:
Second Grade, Municipal/Provincial Clerk, General Clerical, Career Service SubProfessional(Local Government), Career Service Sub-professional
1. Yes
2. No

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