123. What is regarded by the State as a "primary social economic force?"
a. education
b. trade
c. labor
d. commerce

124. According to Article III, Section 15 of the Constitution, the writ of habeas corpus may be suspended in times of rebellion or what?
a. martial law
b. war
c. terrorism
d. invasion

125. The Lower Chamber of the Congress of the Philippines is known by what name?
a. Senate
b. Congressional Lower Chamber
c. National Assembly
d. House of Representatives

126. A Member of either house of Congress may be expelled by their fellow Members. For a Member to be expelled, how much of the total number of Members of a house must concur with the expulsion?
a. two-thirds
b. majority
c . three-fourths
d. nine-tenths

127. If a President wishes to veto a bill, he/she must communicate it within a certain span of time, otherwise the bill will become a law. How long is this span of time?
a. 3 weeks
b. 48 days
c. 60 days
d. 30 days

128. What project of the DENR that includes the protection of Industrial pollution of our Environment?
a. Bantay Kalikasan
b. Bantay Ilog
c. Bantay Dagat
d. Ecological Watch
e. Solid Waste Management

129. What government agency thus the status of government employee in the free voluntary services belong?
a. Secretary
b. Regional
c. Municipal
d. National
e. Barangay

130. Which is not a ground for Impeachment of the Pres., Vice-Pres., Ombudsman, and Senator?
a. graft and corruption
b. sexual harassment
c. grave abuse of the authority
d. against the Family if the child scolded by the parents
e. Other crimes

Civil Service Exam Reviewer 2020 Page 19 [ Download here ]